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Goodwood® Products from Summit Views LLC, is a woman-owned California company that markets cleaner-burning densified wood firelogs for fireplaces, woodstoves, chimeneas and fire pits. In addition we offer fireplace accessories that promote the safe use of wood fires for ambience and warmth.

We are located in Watsonville on California's Central Coast, an area that inspires the work we do, and enables us to personally serve many of our Bay Area resort customers. Our products are assembled by workers from HOPE SERVICES and sold direct to hospitality, recreation, retail and residential customers, as well as through our Online Store.

We are a Green Certified business, and hope our efforts will make a difference by contributing to a sustainable future for our community and for our planet.

To develop natural products and solutions that serve our environment and community on a sustainable and profitable basis.

Goodwood® Products bring us one step closer to a future where local renewable resources are sustainably managed --- where excess biomass never goes to waste or chokes our forests, but is used instead to produce cleaner energy and carbon-neutral fuels.

Bay Area Resorts Spare the Air

Know What You're Burning

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