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What are Goodwood® Firelogs made of?
Goodwood® Firelogs are "densified" all-wood firelogs made from clean wood residue from forest clean-up and mill wood-processing operations. Chips and shavings (predominantly hardwood) are compressed so densely that the natural lignin in wood actually melts and binds the logs together. Just pure wood - without petroleum, plastic or chemical binders. Our patented, easy-light jute burlap bag consists of 100% renewable, sustainable materials that make these all-wood firelogs easy to use. Just place the bag on a fireplace grate, light the burlap and add all-wood firelogs as desired for a beautiful, all-natural fire. Better fuel for fireplaces, woodstoves and campfires.

Why are Goodwood® Firelogs better for the environment?
Local air quality agencies prefer the use of manufactured firelogs over firewood as they burn hotter and cleaner. However, most supermarket firelogs are wax-based, highly volatile and cannot be used in woodstoves or for cooking. While there are new natural wax firelogs now on the market, many still contain up to 60% (2-3 lbs) low-grade paraffin - a waste product of the oil refining industry, and are therefore non-renewable, fossil fuel-based products contributing to the global warming problem facing our planet.

Goodwood® Firelogs, are densified wood firelogs, made with 100% carbon-neutral renewable resources. They burn with 25-50% fewer particulate matter emissions than firewood. Additionally, the manufacture of our firelogs solves a waste disposal problem for mills and forest management operations, diverting tons of trimmings from municipal landfills each month.

Why a burlap bag?
We tested many tree-free fibers and ultimately selected jute, a fiber derived from the woody stem of an annual plant that grows abundantly throughout Asia and West Africa. We use a food grade (hydrocarbon-free) jute processed without chemicals or mineral oils. This burlap lights easily, burns cleanly and has a pleasant, natural scent. The jute ignites the woodchips and densified firelog pieces inside.

How long does a Goodwood® fire burn?
Our easy-light bag burns up to 3 hours, and our retail combo box includes extra firelogs for up to 5 hours total burntime. As with regular firewood, every fire varies depending on airflow, placement of logs and tending. For best airflow, most complete combustion and minimal tending, we recommend using an ember retainer or basket-type grate for all open fires.

Can I cook over Goodwood® Firelogs?
YES! Although lump hardwood charcoal is preferred for grilling foods as all the impurities and resins are baked away, feel free to use all-wood firelogs for cooking simple meals and toasting marshmallows around the campfire.

Can I use Goodwood® Firelogs in my wood stove?
YES! Densified fuels, including all-wood firelogs and pellets, are preferred for woodstoves and heating. It is important to understand your fireplace, chimenea or wood stove heat rating --- some manufacturers say not to burn more than three densified wood logs at a time because too much heat may be produced.

How do Goodwood® Firelogs compare to cordwood in terms of heating?
Densified logs, pellets and cordwood actually have approximately the same heat content per dry-weight, i.e., 8600Btu's/lb. However, in real-life scenarios, the moisture content of each plays a large role in actual, recoverable Btu's. A typical seasoned (air-dried) hardwood such as oak, with a moisture content of 20%, will release up to 6800Btu's/lb. Densified wood logs with a moisture content of 5% release approximately 8100Btu's/lb.

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