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Goodwood® Firelogs
Compare to Firewood and Wax Logs
Research on Densified Wood

 ® Goodwood® All-Wood Firelogs - providing the ambience of a natural wood fire with 50% fewer emissions. Better for the environment, easier to use.
No petroleum by-products, no chemical binders, no other firestarters needed...just light the bag!

Only 100% natural, renewable resources are used to provide easy-lighting and a beautiful all-wood fire in minutes...just light the jute fiber bag to ignite the kindling and all-wood firelogs inside.

Please use renewable resources - fossil fuels are for dinosaurs!

Better for Fireplaces, Woodstoves and Campfires
  Cleaner-burning and easier to use than firewood, with less smoke and ash residue
  No petro-chemical binders or emissions
  Recommended by air quality control agencies..."Burn Longer and Cleaner with...Manufactured Densified Logs...they burn longer and emit 25-50% less PM10, CO and VOCs than burning cordwood." (California Woodburning Handbook)

For more info, see our FAQ's.

Our easy-light bags are found in High End Resorts throughout the West Coast. Our Combo Box if available at select recreational facilities and retail markets on the West Coast. Residences can order direct through our
online store for convenient home delivery.

Bulk all-wood firelogs for heating purposes are also available to SF Bay Area customers. Call our toll-free #877-872-8341 for more information.

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