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The greenest cleanest-burning wood fires for fireplaces, woodstoves and campfires

Our densifed all-wood firelogs provide the ambience and heat of premium firewood, but are better for the environment and easier to use. We package Goodwood® Firelogs to serve the different needs of resort, recreation and residential customers. Available in our all-natural easy-lighting jute burlap bags or bulk logs by the pallet or half-pallet.
Goodwood® Firelog Bags make our all-wood firelogs easy to use. Just light the all-natural jute burlap bag for a controlled, real wood fire that burns up to 2 hours, with less than half the emissions of a standard bundle of firewood.
Perfect for camping, each 17-lb box contains all-wood firelogs with an easy-lighting kindling bag. Up to 5 hours total burntime.
Better than cordwood for woodstoves and fireplaces, our densified all-wood firelogs are cleaner-burning and have a higher net heating value.
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